The house’s original function is not to orientate the self through the building’s architecture towards the discovering of a place, but to break the completeness of the elemental, opening up in the self the utopia in which the “I” is gathered up by inhabiting its element. E. Levinas, Totality and Infinite

In Dwelling the house is the work’s subject matter. The return to the room, the inner safety, the construction of the being through its withdrawal. Searching through different ways in which to inhabit living spaces. The aim of this project is to study the habit that constructs the human, to examine it as more than mere behavior; also an attempt to somehow link the building with the habit. To do this I set out from photographs of burrows as a basic form of shelter, of taking refuge, proposing the dwelling as a land of asylum. Dwelling as a constant, as a constructor of the self. In a second part to the project I started working with model houses, placing them in different contexts and spaces, playing with the notion of the ideal house.