Schrebergärten. 75 x 95 cm. Digital chromogenic print, 2016.


“The noble seeds of human nature sprout upwards in their purity almost of their own accord if the ignoble ones, the weeds, are sought and destroyed in time. This must be done ruthlessly and vigorously. It is a dangerous and yet frequent error to be put off guard by the hope that misbehavior and flaws in a child’s character will disappear by themselves. The sharp edges and corners of one or the other psychic flaw may possibly become somewhat blunted, but left to themselves the roots remain deeply imbedded, continuing to run rampant in poisonous impulses and thus preventing the noble tree of life from flourishing as it should. A child’s misbehavior will become a serious character flaw in the adult and opens the way to vice and baseness… Suppress everything in the child, keep everything away from him that he should not make his own, and guide him perseveringly toward everything to which he should habituate himself.”

Schreber, D.G.M., 1858.

Shoulder strap, from the book The Body Postures and Deleterious Habits of Children, Including a List of Remedial Measures by Moritz Schreber.

75 x 201 cm. Triptych. Digital chromogenic print, 2016.